FC Gold Pride 2009 Roster

# Player Team Position DOB Hometown
3 Marisa Abegg FC Gold Pride D 3/14/1987 Lake Oswego, OR
21 Adriane FC Gold Pride M 7/20/1988 Planaltina, Brazil
30 Eriko Arakawa FC Gold Pride F 10/30/1979 Tokyo, Japan
1 Nicole Barnhart FC Gold Pride GK 10/10/1981 Gilbertsville, PA
4 Rachel Buehler FC Gold Pride D 8/26/1985 Del Mar, CA
6 Brandi Chastain FC Gold Pride M/F 7/21/1968 San Jose, CA
19 Carrie Dew FC Gold Pride D 12/8/1986 San Diego, CA
5 Tina DiMartino FC Gold Pride M 11/6/1986 Massapequa, NY
20 Erika FC Gold Pride D 2/4/1988 Sao Paulo, Brazil
31 Formiga FC Gold Pride M 3/3/1978 Sao Paulo, Brazil
13 Kristen Graczyk FC Gold Pride D/M 6/27/1983 Albuquerque, NM
23 Lindsay Massengale FC Gold Pride D/M 10/6/1976 Yuba City, CA
22 Meagan McCray FC Gold Pride GK 6/17/1987 Novato, CA
15 Tiffeny Milbrett FC Gold Pride F 10/23/1972 Portland, OR
10 Leslie Osborne FC Gold Pride M 5/27/1983 Brookfield, WI
7 Leigh Ann Robinson FC Gold Pride D 8/17/1986 San Diego, CA
12 Christine Sinclair FC Gold Pride F 6/12/1983 Burnaby, British Columbia, CA
8 Tiffany Weimer FC Gold Pride F 12/5/1983 North Haven, CT
18 Allison Whitworth FC Gold Pride GK 12/11/1985 Birmingham, AL
9 Kandace Wilson FC Gold Pride F 10/24/1984 Los Angeles, CA
2 Kimberly Yokers FC Gold Pride M 5/24/1982 Seattle, WA

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FIFA Approved

FIFA Approved - A Quality testing and measure of match balls. Since January 1, 1996 only those outdoor soccer balls (footballs) which have been tested and meet the demanding quality criteria, bearing either of the official markings 'FIFA Approved', 'FIFA Inspected' or 'International Matchball Standard,' are allowed to be used in FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)